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The Best Fish Tacos in Mazunte & San Agustinillo (And the Worst)

LA OLA is the only dog in this fight. There is an inexplicable dearth of fish tacos in these seaside Mexican towns. There is fresh dorado and fresh snapper on every menu in town. But very few fish tacos. Which leads me to a suggestion:

If anyone has the inclination to move down here to open a little stand selling fish tacos you would be the only one doing it. And I would appreciate it.

La Ola, San Agustinillo:

This place is a little on the fancy side, but not in a scary way. There are just more integers on the menu than we've grown accustomed to seeing. The fish tacos here, for example, are 135 pesos for a plate with three tacos. And they are well worth it. You're getting the best fish taco in town.

Here are the value props:

• Toes are in the sand.

• Micheladas are top notch.

• You can body surf for 10 minutes after you put your order in.

• Unobstructed view of a bright blue bay with rock formations bookending your peripherals.

• Whales & dolphins swimming in the distance (I've seen both from this straunt on different visits).

• Also, the tacos....

A large slice of fish is lightly battered and fried then wrapped into a house made corn tortilla with chipotle mayo, pickled onion, red cabbage and a big thick slice of avocado. There is a simple salsa verde on the side as well. The tortillas are excellent. The Chipotle mayo is nice. Fish size and texture is great. Love the red cabbage crunch. All together this is a wonderful product and you should eat it.

There are some other tacos on the menu worth trying. Not the least of which being the Mole Fish Tacos. The best Mole in this area of Mexico is at the Monday Market in Pochutla. But if you don't have time and you don't want to fly home without having tasted Oaxacan Mole then this is a convenient avenue to stroll.

Sahauro, Mazunte:

You'll find this open air little taco shop on your way to the beach on Calle Rinconcito. There are usually a bunch of dreadlocked & tatted taco eaters at all the tables washing down the chow with bottled kombucha.

This fish is also lightly battered and fried to similar perfection then topped with a healthy helping of Mexican Table Crema (I'm going to name my first child Mexican Table Crema). There is a small topping of chopped tomatoes and a nice spicy red salsa on the side as well as some pickled onions. But this dish is really about the fish and the cream. It's good and it's remarkably cheap: only 55 pesos. They also have rice bowls here and sushi if either of those tickle your fancy.

The truth is that we go here a lot more than we go to La Ola simply because three enormous fish tacos for 55 pesos is the best deal in town. And this town is full of great deals.


Taqueria, Mazunte: 10 pesos per taco. I feel like I got about ten pesos worth. The fish was diced and tossed into the tortilla with a little white onion. It was underwhelming. Not filling at all. Don't get the fish tacos here. Get steak. The steak tacos were all delicious.

El Sueño, San Agustinillo:

They make a grilled fish taco here and while the fish is nicely seasoned the taco is overly simple. It's just the fish in the tortilla with some tomatoes and cucumber on the side. Not a ton of thought went into it. Though they do have some other interesting menu items that I haven't tried.

Punta Placer, San Agustinillo:

This fish taco was borderline insulting. Tiny pieces of fish are overly breaded and dropped haphazardly into a dry corn tortilla. No chipotle lubricant. No shredded cabbage. No avocado. This is a terrible taco. I just don't get why it's on the menu. The place is clearly capable of making some nice food. The seafood risotto was pretty good. Why would anyone put something on their menu if it is clearly lousy?

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