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Where To Find The Best Juice & Smoothies in Mazunte & San Agustinillo

It’s hot, you’re sweaty, and everyone you see is tan and skinny. This town demands that you drink some juice. Luckily there is no shortage of options.

I am a fearless and experienced juice drinker. My wife, Mrs. Queso, has been filling our blender with vegetables since 2010. It is a custom that I have grown to appreciate if not adore.

Between the two of us we have consumed practically every juice or smoothie option in Mazunte & San Agustinillo.

(Obviously, in Mexico, you are meant to be careful with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. I have been reckless on your behalf. And in my juice travels I have not encountered any issues. I cannot say the same for food.)

Here are all of our favorite juice shops and juice orders:

COCOSUN, Mazunte

This is a vegan ice cream shop down by the beach in Mazunte. It is owned and operated by an adorable young couple from Mexico City. They speak english fluently and are a font of helpful information about the area.

They started making smoothies and juices a year ago because they are creative geniuses and they wanted to give the thirsty tourists some more creative options. Generally speaking, they have the best and most delicious smoothie menu in all of Mazunte & San Agustinillo.

Here is the menu. Our favorite is the COMO DE QUE NO. It's healthy, interesting, tasty & filling.

LA CREPERIE, San Agustinillo

The owner is a young woman from France who brought some smoothie savvy in addition to the expected crepe savvy. Her featured smoothie is the best tasting smoothie in all the land. Listen to this combination:

Banana, coconut, honey, cacao, avocado.

It's sweet and savory and filling. It'll make you do that weird thing where you try to lick the inside of the pint glass.

JUICE BAR, Mazunte (two locations):

We frequent juice bar more than any of the other smoothie stands for two reasons:

  1. They are ALWAYS OPEN.

  2. They refill your cup with smoothie that was left over in the blender when they made your drink.

Number 1 is just so damn rare in this town. And Number 2 really appeals to my frugal-but-gluttonous-traveler persona.

Also, they make great drinks. If you want to go green get the Resistencia, Power Juice or Pacifico. If you want to go fruits get the Fresitas. If you want to feel full go with the Desayuno de Campeones.


This is the most top secret smoothie shop in the area and they're making a nice product. It’s hidden at the end of the road in San Agustinillo (across from the Casa Amori).

Their prices are the lowest. And their green juice is delicious. We get this whenever we’re in the hood.

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