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Sahuaro, Mazunte: The Second Best Fish Tacos Around!

Perfect For: Economical Fish Taco Pleasure

Sahauro and I have a complicated relationship. Or maybe it’s just me that has the complicated relationship with Sahauro.

Here’s the sitch: They offer the best deal in town. (Actually they offer 3 of the top 5 best deals in town. The Fish Tacos, The Yakimeshi Rice Bowl, and The Classic Rice Bowl are all incredible value deals. My wife and I eat here at least twice a week (sometimes more often) because we're both shameless suckers for good deals.) And they are always open. When you get here you'll realize why this is a big deal.

There’s just one and a half problems: Their restaurant has an unusually massive and aggressive population of flies. Ordinarily I would pretend to be zen and act like the flies don’t bother me. But it’s impossible to even pretend in this environment. You will be waving your arms around like a crazy person. This doesn’t happen at other places. The half problem is the service. It isn’t totally unpleasant. It’s just uninterested. I feel, rather often, like my presence is an inconvenience to them.

There is a solution to all 1.5 problems: Get your food to go. Walk down to the beach. Sit your keister down in the pillow soft sand and watch the sunset over Punta Cometa while you gobble your 55 peso fish tacos.

*** As of yesterday 5.12.2017 Sahauro moved to a new location (closer to the beach). The new location appears to be a much less fly infested environment. And all of a sudden all my passive vitriol is irrelevant. I'll need to log some time there before I rewrite this post to reflect the new ambience.


The Fish Tacos:

55 pesos for 3 large fish tacos is a suspiciously low price. So low I’ve intentionally not asked what kind of fish is in the taco. But I’m also not scared. You can taste the delicious legitimacy. This is not the best fish taco around. That honor belongs to La Ola. This is the second best fish taco around.

The fish is beer battered and fried then topped with shredded cabbage, chopped tomato and table crema. On the side you get a spicy red salsa which you should indulge in recklessly. You also get some spicy pickled red onions and lime. The product is not incredibly consistent. Sometimes there is too much batter. Sometimes there is not nearly enough crema. Sometimes there is so much cabbage you can barely find the taco. But none of these issues are worth getting your panties bunched up about. I love this deal.

The Rice Bowl (with Pescado):

I was hoping that this bowl would be a little bit like the Poke bowls that me and the rest of North America have been swooning over lately. And it is a little bit like that but without that Hawaiian sauce that makes the taste buds go bananas. You’ll get a bowl of white rice with some chopped raw vegetables and some raw cubed tuna with some different kinds of soy sauce on the side. The Tuna chunks are really nice. This is a solid order.

The Yakimeshi Rice Bowl (with Shrimp):

My wife has a fried rice fetish so we’ve hoovered a lot of this dish. They do a great job of seasoning and frying the rice. There are some sautéed carrots, zucchini and corn in here and we occasionally add shrimp but it’s perfectly good without the shrimp. It’s 45 pesos if you go with the veggie option. A screamin’ good deal. My wife’s typical order is this rice bowl with one fish taco on the side.


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