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Mazunte's Two Best Ice Cream Shops For Filling You Up & Cooling You Down

Ice cream is an important problem solving tool that my wife and I use daily.

It cools you down on a hot day.

It cheers you up on a sad day.

It gets you out of the dog house (after the mescal got you in).

In Mazunte there are only two options worth writing about. Please do not waste your time, money or caloric dance card on anything other than these two places:

COCOSUN, Mazunte, Calle Rinconcito (right near da beach!)

Sun, of CocoSun, scooping hard with the right hand.

When I hear the words ‘Vegan Ice Cream Shop’ my heart sinks a little bit. I think about the pints of vegan ice cream I’ve demolished in the States. Light, airy, unsubstantial cartons full of sugar, good intentions and regret.

That is not what anyone should think as they approach the thatched roof hut of CocoSun. Their ice cream is rich, decadent and delicious. The coconut cream soil from which their ice cream grows cannot be related to the other species of vegan ice cream I’ve endured.

You will not notice that there is no dairy. I promise.

I don’t know what my favorite flavor is. It’s a little like having to decide who your favorite child is. I love them all. The chocolate has a very dark heavy flavor. Not for wimps. The Café is rich. The Aguacate with Espirulina is by far the most interesting (and healthy). Limón is the favorite of the owners. Coconut is so smooth and fresh tasting and appropriate for the environment. They recently made a Mango-Cardamon flavor that’ll really blow your hair back. You can’t screw this up.

Chocolatey first floor. Coconut penthouse.

A lot of thought went into the cone strategy. It’s a cone-bowl which makes a lot of sense because it’s hotter than a Keith Sweat love song down here and the ice cream melts quick. The bowl prevents it from melting all over your hand. And I appreciate it.

Go here every day and try everything.

LOS DUENDES, Mazunte, Calle Rinconcito

I have never been a fruit flavored ice cream kind of guy. Until now. Los Duendes mixes fresh fruit with fresh cream and makes remarkably satisfying fruit flavored ice cream.

There are three reasons why this ice cream works so well:

  1. The Fruit is Fresh. It doesn’t come in a bag. Or sit on a truck for 100 years. It gets picked off a branch of a tree and goes into the ice cream maker.

  2. The Fruit down here is better. It just is.

  3. The Ice Creamist is from Italy. She knows what ice cream should taste like. And she's been doing it here for seven years.

I personally love the Strawberry and the Maracuya. But my wife, Mrs. Queso, can’t stop ordering the Aguacate and the Vanilla (which tastes exactly like a Snicker Doodle).

Los Duendes opens at noon and closes at 9:00. Indulge early and often.

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