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La Pizzeria, Mazunte: BETTER Than "The Best Pizza in Mexico"

Perfect for: Having your mind blown.

If you're a true pizza pervert like me then you know what separates the truly great pizza from just plain old really really good pizza:

A crust that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

For 6 years I gobbled my way around the pizzerias in New York City learning this profound lesson. I ate a lot of average pizza along the way (most pizza in NYC is eh). But I found some gems and the pizza at La Pizzeria in Mazunte is every bit as good as Emily, DiFara, Lucali, or Roberta's or any other famous spot.

The chef is from Livorno, Italy and he moves with this kind of pizza-sexy grace that intimidates me so I haven't been able to ask him anything about himself. I mean, he roles out all the dough with a corona bottle. I'll probably never talk to him.

Also, his two blond little 3 foot tall sons walk around the restaurant taking drink orders and delivering pies. Good luck not being incredibly charmed by that action.

The only problem with this place (other than the bathroom) is that everything is good so you have to make some hard choices. I've eaten everything at this point so you can listen to me: Get a Focaccia & a Pizza. I know the Focaccia is unorthodox but it's so satisfying.


La Capricciosa Pizza

This is my favorite pie. It's a little bit of everything but not in that overcrowded-dance floor kind of a way. Everybody is getting along very nicely in this pizza party: ham, salami, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, and the mozzarella.

Margarita Pizza

A wise man once advised me that the best way to take the measure of a pizza place is to eat the Margarita. And so I did. And it was lovely. You can't go wrong here. (I lost the picture somehow. But you can imagine it.)

Caprese Focaccia & Peperoni Pizza

If you can get a seat at the closest table to the chef then you'll be able to watch the marvelous assembly of the Focaccia's. Neither of these particular products are in my top three but this is my best photo so I'm posting it.

Jamon Serrano Focaccia

This is one of those food items that you see someone else get and you feel an animal kind of jealousy. The Jamon Serrano is good. But I preferred the..

Quatro Queso Focaccia

I have a cheese problem. If you don't have a cheese problem this isn't the order for you. It's very Gorgonzola-y so if you have any doubt about your affection for gorg then steer elsewhere.

Mixtos Calzone

This is essentially a Capricciosa pizza folded in half. The only reason I don't recommend this is because the fold consolidates the flavors to one compact pocket and leaves a lot of bites that are pure bread. It just makes more sense to me to spread the flavor out over all the land as far as the eye can see.


Remember in college when you dipped every bite of Domino's pizza into a puddle of ranch? It took me a few years to get over that. But it's in the rear-view now. This chimichurri sauce (pictured above) caused some eerily similar behavior. I basically can't take a bite without it.


These pictures are for sale in case anyone is interested.

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