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La Cevichela: Home Of The Most Delicious Tortilla in Mazunte

Perfect For: Casual Date Night

This is the new kid on the block. We watched them miraculously turn an empty house into a restaurant in just a couple of weeks. The owners are warm, friendly, laid back folks. The kind of people that you feel good around and want to support.

They used all recycled or found items to build out the kitchen and the seating area. Most everything is made out of old pallets and sandbags. Little shells and decorations from home are the only additional accouterment and the place looks great. It has kind of a refined tiki lounge vibe which seems fitting for a restaurant that specializes in ceviche.

Under oath I'd swear that I'm not the most devout ceviche eater. I lived in Peru for a while and ate plenty but it's never been a dish that kept me up at night. It’s too healthy maybe. Anyways, take my ceviche thoughts with a grain of salt.

There was one menu item that charmed us half to death. Let’s get to it.


La Gordita:

This is the name of a special kind of tortilla from North Mexico. One of the restaurant owners here mentioned that the recipe is his mother's and they’re thinking of just selling packs of these tortillas. When that day comes I'll be first in line with exact change in hand. The texture is kind of like paratha for any Indian food lovers. Flaky, buttery, chewy and crunchy. You could put anything on here and feel satisfied. Nutella, cheddar, tuna salad, shoe laces…it doesn't matter. At Cevichela they load it up with poached shrimp (nicely cooked), Manchego Cheese and Quesillo. On the side you get some pickled hot peppers, Sriracha mayo and home fries. The dish is delicious but it can be a little dry. If I had my druthers there'd be some garlic aioli inside to bind the ingredients together. But I’ll settle for smothering it in Sriracha mayo.

La Gordita

The Fish Burger:

A great big filet of marlin will arrive half hanging out of its fresh baked artisanal garlic bun. The novelty of casually eating Marlin steaks has not worn off on this northwest boy. The fish is seasoned and cooked perfectly. It comes with lettuce and tomatoes and an array of accompanying sauces (including the garlic aioli which my marlin bathed in excessively). Overall a delicious product. The best fish sandwich in town. Which carries some weight because Siddhartha makes a damn good one.

El Sonorese Ceviche:

The recipe is also North Mexican. It’s a fairly simple ceviche. No big surprising flavors like you’ll find at Casa Amori in San Agustinillo (their ceviche blew my mind). The fish tastes fresh and there’s plenty of it. It’s tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, celery, the requisite citrus and a little splash of clamato which I couldn’t taste. I think a grown up would say that this was a very clean ceviche. On the side you get a basket of dry (stale) tostadas. I know these are traditional. But I don’t think they help this dish on account of their old cornish flavor. You can hide their flavor in a guacamole, but not here. I probably won’t order this dish again. I would be happy if someone came and set me straight on what ceviche should taste like and why I’m a moron for not liking this one.


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