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La Baguette, Mazunte: Where To Eat When Your Money Runs Out Or If You Just Wanna Treat Yourself

Perfect For: Cheap Treats

People get trapped in Mazunte. It just happens.

You budget for a few weeks or a month and then, 4 months later, you're still here and there are suddenly no commas in your bank account.

You translate for the guys on the dolphin tours, you tutor a little english, you sell brownies on the beach. You do what you can. But nothing is lucrative enough to get that comma back.

This is why there are always so many people at La Baguette.

The fresh baked loaves of white (13 pesos) or wheat (16 pesos) bread topped with an avocado or some peanut butter (and a banana if you're crazy) will sustain you for a while. Huge cheese sandwiches (which I cover in hot sauce) are 25 pesos, as are the tasty slices of zucchini pizza. Cafe de olla is 15 pesos.

The signature item here is the "Librito." These little pastries are only 5 pesos. They are crunchy, chewy, chocolaty and buttery. It's important that you get them in the morning while they're still fresh (I eat them at night as well but I'm a shameless glutton).

There is chocolate cheesecake and banana bread and all kinds of cookies at well. I've seen tall skinny gringos stuffing their faces with huge looking lemon meringue pie slices (why are all the gringos so tall?).

People tend to congregate in this area. They buy 40 ounce beers across the street and order happy hour mojitos from Juice Bar next door. They sit on the sidewalk and scratch mosquito bites and play guitar and talk about the astral realm.

La Baguette is an essential cornerstone of daily life in Mazunte. It's important to stop by and, at the very least, eat a handful of libritos.

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