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Siddhartha, Mazunte: A Life Altering Breakfast Sandwich Experience

Siddhartha is the name of the leader and founder of a sect of wandering ascetics. His goal was to relieve humanity of its suffering. He became known as the Buddha.

Siddhartha is also the name of a restaurant/bar by the beach in Mazunte where grown men sit around topless; quietly drinking cocktails before noon on weekdays.

Mrs. Queso and I come here for coffee, wifi, beach proximity and the breakfast sandwich.

Just the thought of that sandwich sends all the blood rushing to my midsection.

The bread is house made and resembles a light focaccia. You can pile on the toppings to a few different tunes: Egg & Cheese. Egg & Bacon. Egg & Bacon & Ham & Cheese (They call the Ham by the name "Salami").

There is some mayo on this sandwich. Quite a bit actually. If you're one of those people who gets all squirrelly around a condiment made of olive oil, eggs and a squeeze of lemon then you might ask for them to pump the mayo brakes.

Breakfast is only served until 12:00. If you slip into a time warp and realize that you've been sitting there for 4 hours (and you're hungry again) I recommend the Fish Sandwich. It will also arrive on the house made bread. And it will be delicious.

I haven't tried the pastas because I can't, in good conscience, eat pasta anywhere other than Alessandro. I have tried the traditional Mexican breakfasts dishes (chilaquiles, enfrijoladas...) and they're all good.

But the sandwich is special. Get the sandwich. Get a coffee. Drink a cocktail. Take a swim. Life hardly gets better than this.

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